A New Beginning-Moving, building and even blogging!

Let me first say that I will miss everyone over at Nova Salon, especially Michong who has been so good to me.  It certainly wasn’t an easy decision and needless to say I’m kind of nervous. It’s like that first day going to a new job, not knowing anyone and having new surroundings but I must say the ladies at Pearle are really nice and I look forward to getting to know all of them.

Leaving Nova Salon was a business decision more than anything else.  Pearle Studios is bustling with an energetic crew and clientele and I believe I will be better able to show my passion for skin care and beauty treatments helping all you girls looking to bring out your natural beauty.

Finally and most importantly I want to thank all my clients for there support, I look forward to providing all of you 5 star skin care service:)

Please visit savviskin.com to view my new website and to book your appointments.


Tara Etling